Trips for Community Groups

Connecting, immersive experiences that will engage your members as well as promote a real sense of belonging, worth and team spirit. e3 will work with you to turn your ideas into reality!

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Do you belong to a community or special interest group? Is your group seeking a ‘special project’? A project they can really get their teeth into to engage members, promote a real sense of belonging, worth and team spirit. e3 can work with you to turn your ideas into reality!

Specialised Itinerary Planning

We work with you to plan an exciting South East Asian itinerary according to your own group interests. From ornithology to rafting, cycling to cooking we can tailor an itinerary to suit.

We help you to identify your group or organisational needs, goals and outcomes. We then use those goals to structure an itinerary that ticks all the boxes.

We can incorporate the accommodation style which bests suits your group – from top quality hotels to basic but comfortable homestays, where your hosts will offer you the ultimate in Asian hospitality!

We source quotes from reputable tour providers – providers we can personally recommend and who offer excellent value for money.

Your Community Service Project

Do your group members have a set of common skills? We can link you with projects overseas that can best utilise those skills – whether professional, para-professional or trade based. Alternatively, the group may wish to participate in a project which is totally removed from their usual vocational sphere.

We will link you with community service projects that have real meaning for the local community you will be working with. Of course, it’s great to feel good about what you are doing but our belief is that the real buzz comes from working alongside a local community to enact real change for the people that live there.

Wherever possible we will link you with your project well before you leave. That way your organisation can really take ownership of the project and engage your community in the amazing work you will be undertaking.

Pre-Trip Organisation

Once you have decided to travel with us our job is far from over. We work with you every step of the way to keep the organisational load to a minimum.

We can offer launch presentations to your group to secure initial interest from your members and may attend other meetings with your group prior to your trip.

We have a strong educational focus with our trips and will work with you to offer as much information as possible to assist your group in their pre-trip learning. This includes access to our library of resources relating to your itinerary destinations.

The Trip

Expect an amazing experience!

Expect a dedicated and hard-working English speaking tour guide who will meet you on your arrival and stay with you until you depart, there to help every step of the way.

Expect the unexpected – isn’t this why we travel?

Expect an immersive experience designed to give your group a deep understanding of the real country, its culture and its people.

Expect to feel hot, sweaty and tired at the end of a long day helping a local community.

Expect also to feel exhilarated at what you have achieved!