Corporate Volunteering Trips

Valuable, significant, teambuilding, affirming. Projects that are positive for your brand and your corporate identity.

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Imagine a team from your business or organisation connecting with a remote community in Laos, working alongside the local people to help them build a kitchen for their small hospital.

e3 can help you to build your team itinerary with a view to maximising opportunity to enhance your business profile, through genuine connections with communities volunteering across South East Asia.

Building a Specialised Itinerary

We work with you to identify your corporate objectives, requirements and outcomes for the project.

A variety of fun and engaging team building activities can be incorporated into all corporate volunteering itineraries – from cooking schools to two day hill hikes, a team ATV challenge to cycling expeditions. You name it and we can arrange it.

Reward trips can be structured to include a variety of teambuilding activities, connections with local communities, as well as time spent soaking up the sun at one of SE Asia’s many beautiful beach locations.
We prepare detailed costings for your itinerary based on service provision by recommended tour providers.

Pre-Trip Learning

We will work with you to promote your corporate volunteering project within your organisation.

We can create interest and excitement amongst your staff to maximise your company’s participation objectives.

You will have access to our library of resources to encourage participants to learn about the volunteer experiences they can expect, before they even leave the country!

Community Service Project

Importantly we will connect you with your community service project well before your group leaves Australia. You will have the opportunity to engage your client base in your volunteering project, opening the avenues for increased brand/company support as a result.

We will connect you with a project which best suits your desired outcomes – projects vary significantly in terms of physical input required, duration and complexity.

Our emphasis with community service projects is to ensure they comply with our philosophy of sustainability and accountability. We strive to work with established organisations who work at a local level to meet community needs. We don’t promote orphanage tourism.

The Trip

Your tour leader will be there from the moment you hit the ground until the time you depart – professional, well organised and committed to making your experience the best it can be.

It will be fun, it may be hard work, it will bring your team together!

Participation will result in connections and relationships which will extend much further than the life of the trip itself. Connections which will be ongoing, rewarding and which will value add to the individual experience for each person, along with organisational outcomes.