Student Volunteering Trips

South East Asia. Culture, colour, cuisine, learning, leading and lending a hand: the ultimate in experiential learning!

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As educators with over 30 years combined experience working in schools, we understand the complexities of organising student volunteering overseas, for the ultimate educational experience for your students. Balancing your teaching role with your commitment to providing the best value for money experience for your students and parents is difficult. That’s why we specialise in working with schools. For us the need to maximise educational outcomes is paramount. That’s where we differ from other tour providers.

Planning your trip

Your ideas turned into reality! We work with you to incorporate your learning goals into an itinerary that is jam-packed with educational and social meaning. We work with you to minimise the organisational load associated with launching an overseas learning experience – from seeking senior management support, to student recruitment and meeting departmental requirements – we are there to assist every step of the way. Most importantly, we will work with you to develop an educational ethos around the entire project. It’s not about ‘the trip of a lifetime’; it’s about encouraging our young people to take an interest in their place in the world and empowering them to realise their full potential.

Pre-trip learning

We understand that the trip itself will be the main focus for many students. However, as educators we believe that exposing the students, when they are motivated to learn, to quality curriculum will achieve a higher level of learning. That’s why we offer participating groups access to curriculum materials, aligned to the Australian Curriculum. We also offer access to a library of resources – all designed to enhance learning and engagement. Our emphasis is on developing culturally aware and sensitive young travellers. Travellers whose input and student volunteer work will promote positive connections between communities, whose beliefs are forged by an understanding of the people they have worked alongside and who will continue to be aware of their ability to impact positively on the world around them.

Your trip

We design your personal itinerary

Your adventure starts with a completely personalised South East Asian itinerary, developed to suit your group, your required learning outcomes and your budget. We design itineraries to be inclusive of all student abilities.

Our belief is that you don’t need to scale tall mountains to feel challenged. We do not believe that ‘free time for teacher led activities’ represents the best value for money. We want you to make the most of your time in each country – seeing, experiencing, sometimes smelling what the country has to offer! Therefore, we ensure every itinerary makes the most of every opportunity for learning and immersion.

Oh, and did we mention that our itineraries are great fun?!

We connect you with the best travel service providers

We work with only the best Australian travel service providers – providers we can personally recommend, providers with years of experience taking school groups overseas and with a proven track record for safety and quality. Our providers also mirror our own focus on offering the best educational travel experiences.

You will have a dedicated tour leader. From the moment you hit the ground at your entry airport to the time you leave on your return journey your tour leader will be working hard to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your group. Our service providers employ their own tour leaders in-country, rather than sub-contracting the role. What does this mean for you? It means that they are totally committed to providing the very best service they can for your group. In addition, local guides are employed at key points in your journey to ensure you receive the very best information for that site.

Social justice & community service projects

Our itineraries include a number of social justice learning opportunities. From dining at a hospitality training school for street kids, to learning about the opportunities for Australian graduates at local NGOs, we offer the chance for your students to understand their ability to enact change – even at the most basic of levels.

We offer a variety of project options – from rebuilding schools in Vietnam, planting sustainable food gardens for villages in Laos, to teaching conversational English at schools for street children in Cambodia. Our student volunteering projects are always developed in conjunction with local communities, based on their own identified needs.

Our community service projects comply with our philosophy of sustainability and accountability. We strive to work with established organisations who work at a local level to meet community needs. We don’t promote “orphanage tourism”. Early in the trip-planning stage, we work to link you with a community service learning project that has meaning for your students. This means your students can engage with the project well before they participate in their hands-on service activity.

Linking your school and your community

We want to work with you to transform your school trip into a whole community experience. We understand about the importance of school-community partnerships in the modern educational context and can offer ideas to assist you in developing those partnerships based on our own successful and innovative practices. We can help you to engage your school, parent and community bodies in your project and use their support to secure maximum fundraising commitment.

Beyond the experience

We can work with you to offer ideas to maintain student interest in global issues beyond the life of the trip itself. You can develop your own student social justice movement for global change within your school and link in to the community. You can empower your students to become active global citizens and volunteers, to continue their work for good.